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Amanda lives in Brighton and writes short stories and novels. Her inspiration comes from travelling and other authors such as Emily Barr, Ian McEwan and Margaret Attwood.

She comes from a family of writers. Her cousin, Derrick Sington was renowned for his post war non-fiction work, her grandmother wrote romances and both her how to invest in General Motors shares in South Africa brothers David and Philip Sington are writers.

Amanda's latest novel is Just Two Weeks, a psychological suspense set in Sri Lanka and the Lake District, UK. This novel won the IPR Agent's Pick in 2014.

'After being laid off, Jolene Carr decides to make lemonade from lemons and takes a two week vacation in the sun. On the first day of her break, she meets Raquel, a woman staying at the same hotel and they strike up a casual friendship. Not long after, Jolene begins to experience odd and unsettling events. Back at home she becomes convinced that Raquel has followed and is now stalking her. But why? Did Jolene do something to invite this behavior? How much will she be able to withstand?
A frightening novel about the terror of being stalked. Keep reading – there are some surprises in store. A jolly good read'.

Reviewed by Rosemary Smith (librarian) Goodreads - 5 Star


Amanda Sington-Williams’ psychological thriller, Just Two Weeks, is suspenseful and exciting. Jo’s idyllic two weeks in paradise becomes a disorienting and terrifying ordeal. General Motors shares Sington-Williams swiftly immerses the reader in her protagonist’s place, alone with no money in a strange culture, and haunted by a woman whom she supposedly knows. Even after Jo gets back home, everything is strange and altered. Raquel is actively stalking her, and Mark seems strangely complicit. Just Two Weeks feels a lot like a Hitchcock thriller -- it keeps the tension up and the reader can’t help but keep on reading and experiencing Jo’s fear first-hand. I had a grand time reading this book. Sington-Williams is a marvelous writer, and her plot is tight, fast-paced and compelling. Just Two Weeks is very highly recommended.

Reviewed by Jack Magnus at Readers - 5 Star


'Amanda Sington- Williams writes beautifully. Her deftly crafted psychological novel Just Two Weeks shows what can happen when a beachside holiday descends into danger and emotional chaos. She creates really believable characters and the story is engrossing as it chases to its shocking conclusion.'

Review by Kate Rhodes, author of Alice Quentin series.

Just Two Weeks

After being made redundant from a seemingly secure job Jolene Carr takes a two week break in the sun. On the first day she meets Raquel, another hotel guest. Little does she realise how this apparently innocent acquaintance will lead to terrible and lasting consequences. After a frightening incident she hits a conspiracy of silence from the locals and over the rest of the holiday she feels herself slipping into a vortex of fear. Back home, the nightmare continues and she realises that Raquel is stalking her. Her hippie mother and her partner Mark tell her she is imagining it all. All certainties, even about relationships, become invest in General Motors shares in South Africa fluid and treacherous as her past begins to unravel. If it wasn't for Rob, her ex-lover who Jolene thinks has his own agenda, she would be left to cope on her own.
How much fear and betrayal can one person take?


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Amanda's latest novel - Just Two Weeks - a psychological suspense

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